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2022-2023 Year in Review
Message from our PTA Co-Presidents

Dear Parents and Faculty,

It has been a privilege to serve as your PTA Co-Presidents this year and we look forward to making next year even better! We cannot stress enough how much being a part of the EMS community means to us.

This year our community came together to expand the opportunities for our children's' educational experience. Hundreds of volunteers devoted their time to make our PTA events, programs, and activities a huge success. Our teachers and administrators, shared their joy of teaching with us and partnered with the PTA to execute new programming  and the return of some oldies but goodies (ie. Washington DC). See below for a full listing of our PTA events and programs. 

On behalf of the PTA Executive Board, we want to thank our entire school community for their support of our many programs and events for the students at Eastern Middle School. From basic membership to chairing an event or program, from volunteering to simply attending an event, your contributions of time, effort, and/or money validates and broadens your child’s educational experience. Further, your support of the PTA expands every child’s opportunity for growth.

Have a wonderful summer! 

Cristina Broderick and Joanna Willott

PTA Co-Presidents 2022-2023

Thank you to to all our Parent Volunteers

A huge Thank You to all of our parent volunteers who helped out this year.   As you can see from the list below, it takes a village to pull off the many events that make EMS so special. 

PTA Executive Board
Cristina Broderick, Joanna Willott, Roli Agrawal, Jacquelyn Smith, Katrina Sabeti, Angie Hartofilis, Monika Shubert, Ruchita Chhajed, Danyelle LaRosa, Amy Johnson, Heeyoon Slater

DC Fundraising Committee
Michelle Horgan and Maureen Harper

Gator Walk 
Julie Dozier, Monika Schubert and Nikki Glickman

Book Fair
Danielle Coleman

Back to School BBQ
Stephanie Erhart and Lauren Jones

7th Grade Social 
Jenn Wolfe

8th Grade Social
Stephanie Erhart and Lauren Jones

6th Grade Social Dance 
Michelle O'Donnell and Kerry Murphy

Parent Social 
Elizabeth Coehlo, Kerry Murphy, Gia Burton, Dara Johnson and Nina Lindia

Career Day 
Erica Illes 

8th Grade Graduation Celebration
Amy Johnson, Elda Foley, Michele Horgan and Sarah Klocinski

Spirit Wear
Lisa Stugart and Alyssa Tice Desimone

Media Center
Lisa Palmer and Wendy Browning

Veterans Day
Alicia Collier

Building Tour
Alicia Collier and Mikaela Kull-Baig

Angie Hartofilis and Kaori Higgins

Stephanie Martin, Elda Buonanno Foley, Caroline Pardo, Willeke van de Rotte - Bieshaar, Inga Skuratovsky and Alejandra Fajardo

Teacher Appreciation Week
Tabitha Wunderlich, Kristine McCue, Julie Dozier, Alicia Collier, Ginny Hoffman, Elda Buonanno Foley, Dru Gearhart, Mikaela Kull-Baig and Tiffany Tyers

Roli Agrawal, Mikaela Kull-Baig, Jenn Wolfe, Alicia Collier, Sarah Sippel, Therese Harte and Monika Shubert

Membership Toolkit
Ruchita Chhajed 

Julie Christie and Michelle Horgan

Brett Kroger


Mikaela Kull-Baig and Shereen Koshnodi

PTA Council Representatives
Jessica Polanish and Gabriela Marcus (Academic Excellence)
Syed Hussein (Advanced Learning Program)
Michelle Horgan (Digital Learning)

Gabriela Marcus (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
Renata De Freitas, April Hardwick and Danielle Vandenberg (Green Schools)
Cristina Broderick (Scholarship)
Harriet Gilmer (Health and Wellness)
Phil Zulli (Special Education)
John Caufield and Annabella Jucius (Twice Exceptional)

During the summer

A glimpse of what to expect next

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- Become a PTA member after July 1, 2023. a line about how early collection of PTA funds can help plan a better year for your students

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