Below is a list of scheduled Curriculum Enrichment programs, as the year progresses, more programs will be added. Please check this page for more details.

We are so excited for the upcoming year of curriculum enrichment!




Grade 8

September 27 & 28, 2022 -“Slavery in Connecticut” Greenwich Historical Society (Bush-Holley House)  
In the Bush-Holley House, students will learn about the life of either Cull or Candice, two of the 15 enslaved people who were kept in captivity by the Bush family. Students will learn the daily rituals of Cull or Candice’s life, learn about their families and help preserve their legacies.





Grade 7 & 8

October 17, 2022 -Dr. Mykee Fowlin

Dr. Fowlin will be returning to EMS this year to present in-person for both 7 and 8th grades in school AS WELL AS PARENTS on the evening of October 17.  Dr. Fowlin is known for his thought-provoking performances that aim to create an atmosphere of worldwide inclusion for all people.  His performances are both inspirational and impactful.




Grade 6 & 7
November 1, 2022 - Scott Driscoll from Internet Safety Concepts
After a career in law enforcement, Mr. Driscoll founded Internet Safety Concepts and has been dedicated to helping families make safe online choices.  His presentations teach students how to use technology safely while avoiding potential dangers of the internet, social media, and cyberbullying.  Topics discussed include picture sharing, privacy settings, the concept of a “digital tattoo,” and popular apps including social networking.




Grade 6

TBD -Outspoken Literacy Consultants in Residence 
Every year, 6th grade welcomes acclaimed authors and consultants, Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger.  They enrich the English curriculum with their assembly and writing workshops.  They work with the students to develop complex thinking and the literacy skills they will need to succeed in the future. 



Grade 8

TBD -Holocaust Survivor Talk
Mrs. Altman has been an annual speaker and a favorite of EMS.  She talks about her and her family’s personal experiences during the Holocaust.  Her presence and talk educate, enlighten and move students deeply.




Grade 7
TBD -Alvin Ailey Percussion Lecture and Demonstration
4 members of Alvin Ailey demonstrate an introductory rhythm and movement presentation using percussion instruments.  Students learn about the basic rhythmic structure of indigenous music and the cultures that create it.  This is an interactive presentation in which students are invited on stage to sample dance styles, and this coordinates with their Subsaharan Africa unit in Social Studies.




For more information please contact Amy Johnson or Heeyoon Slater