We had an exciting year of curriculum enrichment programming for EMS! See below for the 2023-2024 line up. Take a look back this fall for what we have in store for the 2024-2025 school year!  





Grade 7 & 8

Dr. Mykee Fowlin
October 13, 2023

Through his creative, inspirational, and impactful performances, Dr. Mykee Fowlin takes audiences on an experiential journey, having them reexamine core precepts that were taught to us from as early on as 1st grade. He uses humor, performance art, poetry, storytelling, psychology, theatrical monologues, and his personal journey to create a moving experience for all who are open to this evolution.  Audiences leave his performances contemplating how they can be more accepting of their flaws and ultimately, embracing and/or forgiving the shortcomings of others. 



All Grades
Diego Rivera Traveling Art Exhibit Visits EMS
October 9-16, 2023

This was brought at the end of Hispanic Heritage Month by the World Language teachers and EMS PTA . Diego Rivera is considered one of the greatest Mexican painters of the twentieth century. He created murals and paintings with brilliant colors and bold shapes that tell of the rich history of Mexico. Our teachers were able to bring their classes to view and discuss the paintings and murals and their significance in showing the viewers about society and life in Mexico.
The art included in the exhibit were: Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park, detail of mural, 1948; The Agitator, detail of mural 1926; and El Vendedor De Alcatraces, painting, 1942.
This enrichment of our students' learning was highlighted in the Greenwich Times! Click here to view the coverage.


Grade 6 & 7
Scott Driscoll, Internet Safety Concepts
October 23, 2023
After a career in law enforcement, Mr. Driscoll founded Internet Safety Concepts and has been dedicated to helping families make safe online choices.  His presentations teach students how to use technology safely while avoiding potential dangers of the internet, social media, and cyberbullying.  Topics discussed include picture sharing, privacy settings, the concept of a “digital tattoo,” and popular apps including social networking. This year, Mr. Driscoll returned in the evening to present to EMS parents.





Grade 6
January 22-26, 2024

Outspoken Literacy Consultants in Residence 
Every year, 6th grade welcomes acclaimed authors and consultants, Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger.  They enrich the English curriculum with their assembly and writing workshops.  They work with the students to develop complex thinking and the literacy skills they will need to succeed in the future. 







Grade 6

3GNY We Educate Speaker Stacey Delikat & Hilary Daniels
April 9, 2024

Grandchildren of Holocaust survivors speak to 6th graders to coordinate with their Social Studies unit on Europe and the Holocaust.  They talk about how their grandparents survived Auschwitz and four other concentration camps. Holocaust education not only increases students’ historical knowledge but also develops students’ empathy, acceptance of diverse viewpoints and willingness to challenge intolerant behavior in others.  With so few living survivors left, it's so important to keep these stories alive.



Grade 8

Holocaust Survivor Talk
April 25, 2024

Mrs. Judith Altman has been an annual speaker and a favorite of EMS.  She talks about her and her family’s personal experiences during the Holocaust.  Her presence and talk educate, enlighten and move students deeply.



Grade 6
Ballet Hispánico

May 15, 2024
Ballet Hispánico takes sixth graders on a guided journey through Latinx dance and culture. Music, cultural connections, choreography insights, and history will come together to deepen the audience's expreicen of dance, while learning about Latinx icons, such as Ceclia Cruz and Tito Puente. 



Grade 7
Lost Boy and Educational Leader Gabriel Bol Deng

May 31, 2024
Gabriel Bol Deng, one of the Sudanese orphans known as the Lost Boys of Sudan, presents to 7th graders to coincide with their Social Studies unit on sub-Saharan Africa. While Gabriel shares his story, the theme of his talk overall is gaining strength through adversity. Gabriel went on to start a foundation Hope for Ariang that has built schools and provides access to quality education in South Sudan.



Grade 6
SoundWaters Field Trip
SoundWaters Coastal Explorers program engages students in meaningful watershed science experiences. During this one-day field trip, students perform hands-on experiments that enhance critical thinking skills and offers STEM experiential learning opportunities in biology, geology and physical science. Coastal Explorers promotes a sense of connection and respect for the environment and the students’ community.





Grade 7
Alvin Ailey Percussion Lecture and Demonstration

June 7, 2024
Four members of Alvin Ailey demonstrate an introductory rhythm and movement presentation using percussion instruments.  Students learn about the basic rhythmic structure of indigenous music and the cultures that create it.  This is an interactive presentation in which students are invited on stage to sample dance styles, and this coordinates with their Subsaharan Africa unit in Social Studies.








For more information please contact Heeyoon Slater or Sarah Klocinski.