Dear Families new to Greenwich,

Welcome to Eastern Middle School! 

Newcomers Committee is designed to be a social and support group for families who have either just moved to the area, or who are just entering the Greenwich Public School system for the first time. We want to make this a great transition for you, introducing you to new friends, helping you find a great pediatrician, sharing our favorite sushi spots, and of course helping navigate middle school.  

We'll have lots of events throughout the year to try to accommodate everyone's schedules. Please check back here for updated information on upcoming events. Look forward to meeting you all!


Your Newcomers Committee co-chairs, 

Stephanie Martin & Elda Buonanno


Newcomers Info 2022-23


Upcoming Events


The EMS PTA Newcomers Committee and EMS Administration welcomed all EMS families new to Greenwich to come learn about EMS and the local community. We organized a meet & greet on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 9:00 am – 10:00 am in the EMS Cafeteria.





Create a free profile on Please ensure your profile and contact information are correct to receive accurate and timely information for different stakeholders. We send information via the PTA Newsletter GatorBytes, emails, notifications on your app, and/or email, regarding upcoming events, ticket sales, volunteer signups, and more!Don't forget to get the App!  Apple or  Android




Join the Parent Teacher Association. Parent volunteers work with the school’s teachers and administration in various committees to enrich the learning experience and help the school function. In the past EMSPTA has raised money to supply the Smartboards, computers, special speakers, and even air conditioning for the classrooms! Every dollar you donate helps your student. Each time you volunteer, it adds value to every student’s experience at school. Receive a Parent directory with a minimum donation! Join us today!




Arrival and Dismissal info -Detailed information has been sent via email by Jason Goldstein, EMS Principal. Each grade level will also have an identified exterior door for entrance and exit at the beginning and end of every day. Photos of the Grade Level EntrancesStudents can enter the building through their assigned door as early as 7:15 am.  Before 7:30 am, students should report to the large cafeteria. For more information, please visit the EMS traffic procedures page and note the rules of the road and specific information about drop-off and pickup.

The School day begins at 8:00 am for 6th graders and 8:05 am for 7th and 8th graders.




Sign your child up for 6th Grade Social Dance!

The Social Dance is a time-honored EMS tradition that provides 6th graders an opportunity to learn traditional ballroom dancing while having a great time socializing with their peers. This 6-class program will be taught by Arthur Murry Dance School and will provide students with a fresh, new approach to dance. For more information, please visit the webpage.




Come to Open House in September. This is one of the only opportunities to meet your child's teachers and experience a mini version of his/her day, attending classes and quickly switching classrooms. Parking is difficult, so get there early to allow time to find a spot and be on time. Parking is also available at the nearby Riverside School. More information will be sent by the school closer to the date. 




Lunchtime - Lunch is short, so many children choose to bring their own lunch. This is especially helpful for the social child who talks a lot, forgets to eat, or is a slow eater. Students can also bring money to buy lunch, or you can set up a lunch account through the district. You will need your child's student ID# to register. Please visit the Food Services page for more information on menus, prices, etc. Get the app for Apple or Android




Clubs are special after-school activities. The debate club, Young Financiers Club, there is also a Newcomers Club to welcome new students to the EMS community. Visit the Clubs Page to get more information.

Intramurals are drop-in organized sports after school. This is an excellent opportunity to participate in a supervised activity while "hanging out" with friends and classmates. Clubs and Intramurals end in time for your child to take the late bus home. Visit the Intramural Sports page for more information. Please note that there are no after-school activities on Wednesdays and late bus transportation is only available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.



Competitive team sports -The registration process for the EMS Fall Competitive Sports Season 2022 has now begun. Please visit the Competetive Sports page for more information.

 If your child is interested, please make sure you have turned in a Competitive Sports Participation Form! The practices/ games will extend later than the late bus, so pick-up would need to be arranged. 




Bus Passes & Bus Routes: Free transportation is provided to and from school for students living beyond the established student walking distances. Additional bus passes will go on sale in September. Passes are limited, and purchasing is "first come, first serve.” Call the school office if you have any questions.  If you are eligible for the bus, click here for route information. Please visit the GPS Transportation page for more information.




If you are a new family, please feel free to contact Elda Buonanno Foley or Stephanie Martin with any questions.