Here is the summary of the green committee's proposed activities: More information to come.




Recycling Refresh in the Cafeteria – Sept 20th - Update

The students were shown a short recycling video -What happens at the MRF (Material Recovery Facility); The waste reduction program is off to a productive start thanks to an amazing team effort between students, custodians, administration, and parent volunteers! The students were enthusiastic and quickly adapted to the 3 sorting stations for compost, recycling, and trash. With the recycling program back in place, we will see a reduction in waste and will report back on our progress as a school community. Thank you for doing your part to reduce waste, and together we can all make a difference! A big thank you to all the green volunteers that helped us with this activity!




National Walk, Bike & Roll Day – Oct 12th

The Green Committee will encourage students to bike, walk or roll to school on this day (weather permitting) and register the school on the website as a participating CT school.




National Recycling Day – Nov 15th

The Green Committee recognizes the importance and impact of recycling and will conduct a Battery Drive. A bin will be placed in the main school door (7th-grade entrance) for the batteries to be dropped off during the entire school hours.






Battery Drive –  Dec 12th to 16th

Used battery collection for proper discharge at Holly Hill Dump (Greenwich) – A green volunteer will collect the batteries from the school entrance boxes (one in each entrance -6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade). All types of batteries accept in all conditions.






Holiday Drive – Jan date TBD

The Green Committee will have a blue bin for parents/staff to drop off the unwanted light strands at the main door (7th-grade entrance). A green volunteer drops all lights off at Holy Hill for proper recycling. We accept holiday lights that no longer work.





Anti-Idle Campaign – Feb TBD

Anti – Idling -  The school encourages parents to be mindful and not to leave cars running while waiting in the pickup line. The state has an Anti-Idling law, and parents need to remember this at drop-off and pick-up. Anti-Idling - Compliance, and Enforcement (








April – Earth Week TBD with the Town

Earth Week  – During the Earth week, the school will partner with the Town Hall and Greenwich private schools to celebrate the Earth for the whole week with different activities per day. Each year there is a different theme! TBD







Please contact Green Schools Co-Chairs Renata Freitas, Danielle Vandenberg, and April Hardwick at for any questions.