Check Writing Policy

When writing checks for payment for PTA events, orders, etc please:

  • Make checks payable to Eastern Middle School PTA (or EMS PTA)
  • On Memo Line, write description (Membership, Dance, Apparel etc) & student's name
  • Place payment in an envelope with corresponding form, labeled to the PTA Committee it is intended for

Once your payment has been submitted, here is the process the check goes through:

  • The Committee Chairperson will collect and log in the payments.
  • After the turn-in deadline, the Chairperson will turn ALL the collected payments over to the PTA Treasurer.
  • The Treasurer will process and deposit the checks into the PTA account.

Because of the multi-step process carried out by PTA Volunteers, it is possible a check may not clear your account for about a MONTH!! As a precaution, please deduct the check amount from your account as soon as you write it.


PLEASE NOTE: If your check is returned due to insufficient funds the PTA will send home a letter requesting that you send in the amount of the check, as well as a $12 fee to cover bank charges.

Deposits & Reimbursements

If you have a deposit to make on behalf of the PTA, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the the EMS Deposit Form.
  2. Enclose cash and/or checks.
  3. Leave Voucher and deposit in blue Treasurer's envelope in school office.

If you are looking to purchase or have purchased an item and need to be reimbursed by the PTA, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the EMS Reimbursement Form. 
  2. Attach receipt(s) or purchase order to Voucher.